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Picture gallery

Welcome to our picture gallery! Here you will find a selection of photos of the surroundings of Riffian, the Passeier Valley and Merano.

In the middle of orchards In the middle of orchards[1/12]
Riffian Church Riffian Church[2/12]
Riffian Riffian[3/12]
Riffian Church Riffian Church[4/12]
View of Riffian View of Riffian[5/12]
St. Leonhard - Museum Passeier St. Leonhard - Museum Passeier[6/12]
Schenner Waalweg Schenner Waalweg[7/12]
Jaufen Pass Jaufen Pass[8/12]
Spronser Lakes Spronser Lakes[9/12]
Merano church tower Merano church tower[10/12]
Kurhaus Meran Kurhaus Meran[11/12]
Tyrol Castle Tyrol Castle[12/12]
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